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2023 Joint Research Scheme (JRS) Website




About the SATU Joint Research Scheme (JRS)

The SATU Presidents' Forum International Secretariat launched the SATU Joint Research Scheme (or SATU JRS) in 2012 to provide a collaborative platform that facilitates academic research cooperation among SATU member universities. It serves as a matching platform where scholars from different SATU member universities can connect with like-minded researchers and form research collaborations together. 

The JRS platform does not provide funding for the matched projects. Each host university may provide funding or alternative types of support to implement the matched project.



The SATU Presidents' Forum International Secretariat works as a networking platform to connect scholars who share similar research interests. The aim of JRS is to help integrate resources to increase the quality, quantity and global scope of the research being conducted at our member universities, with the goal of advancing the research achievements of the SATU community.


Investigators must be working at one of the SATU member universities throughout the entire JRS process and have a doctoral degree.


Acceptable topics include those involving Liberal Arts, Management, Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Planning & Design, Bioscience & Biotechnology, and Medicine in Southeast and South Asia, and multidisciplinary research. Each project consists of a team of researchers, including a Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-Principal Investigator(s) (Co-PI(s)) from SATU member universities. 





Matching Procedures
The PI projects and the Co-PI applications will be matched as follows:

1. Call for PI proposals
In this stage, all academic members of SATU member universities are invited to submit their research project proposals via the PI proposal submission forms. At the end of this stage, the project information will be compiled into a PI project list.

2. Call for Co-PI applications
All academic members of SATU member universities can refer to the PI project list for projects which they would like to join as Co-PIs, and submit the Co-PI application form, in which they will be asked to indicate the code of the projects of interest, and provide a CV.

3. Matching - Co-PI application sent to PI for review and selection
When the Co-PI application period is over, each PI will receive a list of Co-PI applicants interested in joining his/her project. The PI will then be asked to review the Co-PIs' applications, and inform us of the Co-PI(s) s/he would like to work with.

4. Matching announcement
Upon receipt of the PIs' decisions, we will notify both the PIs and Co-PIs if the matching is successful. If the matching is successful, the PI and Co-PIs concerned will be provided with the contact information of all investigators in their respective teams.

This is the point where the JRS matching exercise completes. The PIs and Co-PIs can then start their own discussions on research planning and implementation etc.

A list of matched projects will also be released on this website.


PI Research Project List (Excel Format)

(Last updated: 31 March 2023)
The list of PI projects at the 2023 SATU JRS PI Project List is downloadable here. Once clicked, the download will start automatically.
Identify the project(s) you would like to join as Co-PI, and select their project code(s) when the Co-PI application is open.



Interested scholars can join the JRS as Principal Investigator (PI) and/or Co-Principal Investigator. 

As Principal Investigators (PI)
To join the JRS as a Principal Investigator (PI), please submit your research proposal via the "PI Proposal" Form below.

Information needed when submitting the research proposal
1. PI's personal and contact information
2. Project field
3. The project's related UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 
     Further information about UN SDGs: https://sdgs.un.org/goals
4. Project title

5. Project description (Plain text)

As Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PI)

The application as Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) will be open after the PI proposal submission period is closed.

Things to do before filling in Co-PI's application 
1. Refer to the PI project list (to be available in due course on this webpage) for the code(s) of the                      preferred project(s). You will need to choose the code when filling in the application.
2. Prepare a CV listed with your publications:
    a) All papers or works published in the past five years, including articles published in periodicals, books,            conference papers, and technical reports.
    b) List these papers and works in order of the publication date (latest publication on top). 

*The application along with the CV will be sent to PI for review.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Member University's Funding Schemes

Last updated: 1 March 2023
The JRS platform does not provide funding for the matched projects. However, a number of SATU member universities provide financial support for their host projects. Here listed some of the funding schemes for JRS participants administered by the SATU member universities. As the list is not exhaustive, please do check with your institution's international office / research office or the SATU local contact for the availability of any funding opportunities.


Mahidol University 


National Cheng Kung University 


National Chung Hsing University 


Prince of Songkla University 


Suranaree University of Technology 


UCSI University




PI Proposal Submission Form 




Co-PI Application Form


Matching Results of Previous Years

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