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2023 JRS - Suranaree University of Technology Funding Plan

Suranaree University of Technology Funding Plan 2023

SUT provides financial support for Joint Research Scheme (JRS) Projects hosted by SUT Principal Investigators (PIs) with Co-PI from SATU member universities outside Thailand, with detail below.


1. Objectives

  • To promote and strengthen research collaboration between SUT and SATU member universities.
  • To promote international visibility, research and academic collaboration for SUT.

2. Eligibility

2.1 SUT PI

  • Be a full-time lecturer at Suranaree University of Technology
  • Must have published at least 3 publications indexed in the Scopus or ISI international journals databases, or hold at least one patent in the past 5 years.

2.2 Co-PI

  • Hold a doctoral degree and working at a SATU member university outside Thailand.

3. Terms and conditions

  • SUT PI must submit research proposal via the PI proposal submission forms on SATU JRS Website. The deadline for proposal submission is on 22 March 2023.

  • Upon submission of the research proposal, SUT PI who would like to receive the grant must submit their concept paper and SATU JRS application form to the Institute of Research and Development (IRD) at SUT through the fiscal year subject to availability.

  • SUT PI must acknowledge only SUT research grant support, and be the corresponding author of the publication.

  • SUT provides financial support for SUT PI who collaborates in JRS projects with Co-PI from partnering SATU universities outside Thailand.

  • IRD Grant Results will be announced directly to applicant.

  • SUT PI must sign a contract with SUT accepting the full terms of the funding allocation.

  • Upon signing the contract, SUT PI will receive the 1st installment.

  • The 2nd installment will be received upon submission of the progress report.

  • SUT PI must submit an accepted paper published in Q1 or Q2 journal (for the first grant) or Q1 journal (for the second grant) indexed in the ISI or Scopus databases within 3 years after signing the contract.

4. Financial support

  • SUT will provide a funding support for each SUT PI which covers operational expenses, travelling expenses) and other necessary expenses. The grant does not support any fees for conferences, workshops and project advisor allowance.
  • The payment of funding 200,000 THB which will be made in 2 installments:

a) 1st installment (60%): 120,000 THB upon signing the contract.

b) 2nd installment (40%): 80,000 THB upon submission of the progress report.


For more details, please contact:

Institute of Research and Development (IRD), SUT (https://ird.sut.ac.th/)

Center for International Affairs cia @ g.sut.ac.th


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