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2023 JRS - Mahidol University Funding Plan

Mahidol University Funding Plan 2023

Mahidol University Funding Plan for Principal Investigator (PI) Fellowship under SATU-Joint Research Scheme

MU will provide six (6) grants per year under the JRS scheme, each of THB 150,000.

1. Objectives

1.1 To encourage international collaboration with SATU member universities.

1.2 To enhance MU's research output, academic recognition, and expertise.

2. Eligibility

2.1 MU PI

  • Being a government officer, university officer, university officer (affiliated with faculty, college, or institute), or university employee, holding a position of lecturer, researcher, laboratory analyst, expert, or special expert and conducting research as full-time staff at Mahidol University
  • Age not over 45 years old (upon 15th June of the year of application).
  • Having completed a doctoral degree program (diplomas or the equivalent are not acceptable) within the past five (5) years (upon 15th June of the year of application).
  • Being competent in research project management.
  • Having an ongoing research project approved and funded by internal or external sources;
  • The ongoing collaborative research project between the Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) under the funded research fields in this Announcement is desirable.
  • Being in good health without any contagious diseases.

2.2 Co-PI

  • Having completed a doctoral degree program (diplomas or the equivalent are not acceptable); and being a lecturer, scholar, or laboratory analyst, affiliated with a SATU Member University in a country other than Thailand.

3. Research fields

Acceptable projects shall cover the following research fields: Life Sciences and Medicine; Natural Sciences; Social Sciences and Management; Arts and Humanities; and Engineering and Technology. Each project will consist of a team of researchers, including a MU PI and Co-PI from SATU member universities.

4. Terms and conditions

  • MU PI must submit a research proposal via the SATU JRS Website (see the details below).
  • After submitting the research proposal, MU PI who would like to receive the grant must submit the application form and required documents to the International Relations Division, Office of the President, Mahidol University (MUIR), from March to  June 2023.
  • MU provides financial support only for Joint Research Scheme (JRS) projects hosted by MU PI with Co-PI from SATU member universities outside Thailand.
  • The projects proposed by PI should be matched with at least one Co-PI from overseas institutions, which are SATU members.
  • MU will announce the result approved by the committee on MUIR's website.
  • MU PI must sign a contract with MU accepting the full terms of the funding allocation.
  • Upon signing the contract, MU will provide the grant (1st installment) to PI.
  • To be eligible for the 2nd installment, MU PI must submit an acceptance letter for publication as the first author or corresponding author in a Q1 journal to MUIR. The submission of the acceptance letter must be within the grant period of each PI, but no later than 31st December 2023.
  • The acceptance letter must be issued within the grant period.

5. Financial support

MU provides a lump sum payment for each MU PI, covering operational expenses, traveling expenses, and other necessary expenses.

The payment of the lump sum will be made in 2 installments:

a)   THB 75,000 upon successful signing of the contract.

b)   THB 75,000 upon submission of the acceptance letter for publication from the Q1 journal.


1. To join the SATU JRS as a Principal Investigator (PI), please submit your research proposal via the "PI Proposal" Form on the SATU JRS Website.

2. To apply for the MU PI grant, please send an email to opinter @ mahidol.ac.th and CC to tassanaporn.hon @ mahidol.ac.th.

For more information, please get in touch with Ms. Tassanaporn Hongyon (Sea) at 02-849-6231

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