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2022 Joint Research Scheme (JRS) FAQ

2022 SATU Joint Research Scheme (JRS)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last updated: 11 February 2022

1. Who can participate in the SATU Joint Research Scheme (JRS)?

Investigators must 
(1) be working at one of the SATU member universities throughout the entire JRS process, and 
(2) have a doctoral degree

You may confirm if your institution is a SATU member university at HERE.


2. Does the SATU Presidents’ Forum provide funding for the matched projects?

The Forum itself does not provide funding for matched projects. However, each member university may provide funding and alternate support for their scholars who participate in the JRS. Please refer to the “Member University’s Funding Schemes” of this year, or check with your institution's SATU local contact for the availability of any funding opportunities.

Research teams of the matched projects might also receive an honorarium by conducting a webinar in the SATU-JRS webinar series. (Details to be announced)


3. How long is the duration of these projects?

There is no requirement on the duration of each project. 


4. Do I have any obligation for joining the JRS to provide a collaboration report or result summary?

The purpose of the JRS is to encourage collaborations among universities. It is not compulsory to submit any report or result to SATU. However, the SATU International Secretariat may invite PIs and Co-PIs to share their collaboration experiences and research results in SATU events e.g. the biennial General Assembly.

Furthermore, teams receiving funding from their home universities or other sources may need to comply with the respective funding regulations. 


5. As a Co-PI, can I work with more than one PI?

Yes, a Co-PI can apply to work with more than one PI. 

When completing the Co-PI application form, simply select the codes of the projects you are interested to join.


6. As a PI, can I work with more than one Co-PI?

Yes, a PI can choose to work with more than one Co-PI. 


7. Can a PI or Co-PI work with investigators from the same country?

There are no restrictions to working with scholars from member universities located in the same country. However, we encourage scholars to have international collaborations. 


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