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2023 JRS Webinar (3) | Model of Sustainable Smart Cities

2023 JRS Sustainability Webinar Series (3)

Model of Sustainable Smart Cities

Date:  24 July 2023 (Monday)
Time: 14:00 - 15:00 (GMT+8 Taiwan) 

Language: English

Way of Participation:  Cisco Webex Meetings

Registration:  HERE
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u Speakers u

Ts Sr Dr Nadzirah Hj Zainordin

School of Architecture & Build Environment, UCSI University

u Chair u
Ts Sr Khoo Sui Lai

School of Architecture & Build Environment, UCSI University

u About the Webinar u

In recent year, Sustainable Smart Cities implementation significantly drawn attention as initiatives for enhancing urban development. Many studies have incorporated technical and non-technical characteristics to better control the growth of smart cities. However, despite considerable achievements, the direct and indirect effects of sustainable smart cities characteristics on sustainable smart cities have not truly been quantified comprehensively. There is widespread agreement in the literature that there are not yet uniformly define. This becoming more to sensitize as the scientific scholarly community begin to explore up to the current state of sustainable concept emerge with smart cities concepts and to demonstrate the major trends on sustainable development concept. Therefore, further discussion and sharing on Sustainable Smart cities Model through conceptual understanding are crucial.

SATU Presidents’ Forum International Secretariat

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