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NCKU 2017 International Summer School

We are glad to invite your students to join our 2017 NCKU International Summer School scheduled from July 20th to August 4th. This year, our program features Circular Economy (CE) as the theme of core course, and also the Chinese language and cultural classes, as they have always been of great interest to foreign students worldwide. CE courses demonstrate a clever and systematic use of technology on business and daily life can actually benefit the people and the environment at the same time. A thread of interdisciplinary classes will be provided in English intensively in a two-week period. Two credits will be awarded to students who fulfill the course requirement successfully. Please kindly assist in distributing the program information to your students. Through this program, we cordially invite your students to visit NCKU to learn more about the educational environment, people, and culture around Taiwan!


Program Details

A. Circular Economy Class ( 2 Credits, taught in English)

CE class includes wide-ranging topics of lectures such as energy, water and biomaterials which are taught by top professors and experts. In addition to teaching theory in class, we provide hands-on activities for students to work in practice and factory visits to recycled tires and green fabric companies.


B. Chinese and Cultural Class (1 Credit)

To immerse students in a unique cultural atmosphere, we arrange Chinese language class and cultural classes, including Chinese Opera class and Zhuanke (seal carving) class. Students will enjoy learning to read and speak Chinese, and even experiencing the Chinese Opera’s costumes and make-up!


C. Optional Tours

On weekends, city tours (optional) will be arranged for students who want to opt for unforgettable travel experience around the areas in southern Taiwan. Tour schedules will be announced on the website.


Application Period

Starting from now until June 21, 2017. (for Chinese students, the deadline is June 11 ) Early-Bird benefit will be applied to all applications finished before May 31.


Program Fees


Students from non-partner universities

Students from partner universities

Program Fees

NTD 31,000 (USD 970)

NTD 27,000 (USD 850)

Early- bird

(by May31)

NTD 27,000 (USD 850)

NTD 24,000 (USD 750)

*The program fees are not inclusive of accommodation fee which is NTD 5,000 (USD 160).



Please kindly refer to the attached file or our homepage as below for further details.


l   2017 NCKU International Summer School homepage:



l   Apply Now:



Thank you for your attentions and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



2017 NCKU International Summer School

Ting : em50963@email.ncku.edu.tw


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