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2016 Under 40 female researchers can apply for Gro Brundtland Award


    Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, the 2014 Tang Prize Laureate in Sustainable Development, provides part of the rewards to promote the involvement of younger women researchers from developing countries toward the issues of sustainable development and health. President Huey-Jen Su from National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) is committed to best manage this budget to achieve the goal through a 3-year project under the agreement of Dr. Brundtland and Tang Prize Foundation. One-week science activity in Taiwan - including plenary session, symposium, panel discussion and exhibition - about global issues related to sustainable development in public health, is held annually for a total of three years.

    In 2017, the ‘Gro Brundtland Week’ will be held in Tainan, Taichung and Taipei throughout Taiwan during 11-17 March. Building a network and support system among female scientists from different countries will be emphasized. Also, the interest of general population in the areas of sustainable development, and communication of the relevance in everyday life will be promoted and encouraged. Five qualified female researchers from developing countries and Taiwan will be invited and subsidized by the ‘Gro Brundtland Award’ to present their work during the week. It’s an opportunity to meet and discuss with other female researchers in the field of public health & sustainable development and establish international connections for future collaborations.

More details of background and the preliminary agenda please refer to the webpage http://brundtlandweek.web2.ncku.edu.tw/.



  • What is fund

Round-trip economy class airfare to Taiwan, 6-days' accommodation, some meals and transportation during the week will be provided.

  • Eligibility

Five young female scientists, one from Taiwan and four from other developing countries, will be invited to attend the Gro Brundtland Week after their application materials are evaluated. Applicants must:

  1. Be female
  2. Hold a research doctorate (e.g., Ph.D., Ed.D., Sc.D., D.B.A., M.D.)
  3. Less than 40 years of age
  4. Be citizens of a developing country or Taiwan
  5. Do research related to public health & sustainable development


  • Expectations of recipients
  1. Attend and be involved in all the arranged activities during the week.
  2. Make an oral presentation of their research in a symposiums during the week.
  3. Propose and orally present an idea or concept of new research collaborations and directions at the final presentation.
  4. Submit a final report about the week to the organizer no later than 20 days after the end of the Gro Brundtland Week.


  • Requirements for application

Candidates should register and then submit the following documents (in pdf format) on-line:

  1. Personal Statement: Applicants should attach a description of their research work including specific information demonstrating how their work is related to the sustainable development & public health, particularly noting how it contributes to their own country. Maximum length is 1500 words (about 3 pages of single spaced type) plus literature citations.
  2. Curriculum Vitae: Please list publications and graduate coursework on research methodology or experience relevant to the main themes of the Gro Brundtland Week (5 page maximum).
  3. Letters of Reference: Two reference letters are required; one should be from your department chair. Referees should comment on the applicant's suitability for the Award, including relevant information on scientific originality, professional productivity, and demonstrated ability to work in groups. You must ask two referees to EMAIL their scanned reference letters (signed, dated and on official headed paper with contact phone number and email address) to the Organizing Committee:groaward@email.ncku.edu.tw.

● Deadline: December 4th 2016

※ DETAILS OF PROCEDURE: http://brundtlandweek.web2.ncku.edu.tw/files/11-1056-879.php?Lang=en



The organizing committee of Gro Brundtland Week

TEL: +886 6 2752459

Email: groaward@email.ncku.edu.tw
Webpage: http://brundtlandweek.web2.ncku.edu.tw/

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