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ITS Surabaya | Research Student Enrichment Program (RSEP)

[Call for Participants - Research Student Enrichment Program (RSEP)]

Committed to strengthen international partnership and to provide a world class learning environment, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Indonesia conducted Research Student Enrichment Program (RSEP). In 2023, the program was jointly organized by University Sains Malaysia (USM). Enriching the program, the RSEP 2024 is open for ITS partners all over the world, especially for those with agreements and under consortiums. RSEP 2024 will be held on site in Surabaya, Indonesia, from June 24 – June 29, 2024.

This program offers various benefits, including international exposure, the opportunity to make new connections and links, the acquisition of an international-scaled certificate, lunch provided during the program, also free accommodation & transportation during the program in Surabaya.

A. Applicant Eligibility

1.     Active final undergraduate, master student, and doctoral degree students from ITS's consortium-based partners

2.     Proficient in English

3.     Highly motivated and committed

B. Program Schedule

24-29 June 2024

C. Benefits

1.     International exposure

2.     New connections and links

3.     Certificate

4.     Free accommodation

5.     Lunch during the program

D. Registration


Registration deadline: 1 June 2024

E. Program Fee

1.     $50 includes:

*      Accommodation

*      Lunch during the program

*      Local transport

*      Airport pick-up

*      Airport drop off

2.  $150 includes all the above-mentioned items with the Bromo Trip + one day of accommodation

F. Query

Any questions could be sent to Ms. Nastiti and Ms. Meilisa at:

*      international@its.ac.id with Subject: RSEP_[UNIVERSITY]_[NAME]

*      WhatsApp: +6281233895891



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