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2021 NCKU Summer School Came to a Satisfactory Close!! Let’s Meet Next Year~

2021 NCKU Summer School started on August 2nd and came to a satisfactory close on August 11th.
2021 NCKU Summer School includes a total of 53 students from 19 universities in  8 countries (Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand),  38 of which are from 11 SATU member universities.
The topic of 2021 NCKU Summer School was "Sustainable Environment, Myth or Reality", with courses mainly focused on 9 SDGs' goals, providing students with a broader understanding of SDGs issues. The courses contents involve industry, innovation & infrastructure, sustainable cities & communities, and more. We also offered different workshops and activities such as field investigation of Tainan to enhance students’ knowledge of SDGs issues, and let them recognize specific environmental aspects of Tainan and illustrate the practical application to the real world.
With our enriched activities, the participants were satisfied and gave us all kinds of positive responses and comments. We appreciate all the reflections, which will help us make further improvements in the future. We are also hoping to see all these participants in Tainan physically shortly. We also welcome more universities and SATU member university students to join our event in the future, to get more diverse views through multiple perspective views and discussions.





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