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2021 SMART 3.0 Online Pitch Competition – Result Announcement

2021 SMART 3.0 Online Pitch Competition –

Result Announcement


The SATU Presidents' Forum is excited to announce the result of 2021 SMART 3.0 Online Pitch Competition! The results and all team videos can be found at: https://smart.innovation.ncku.edu.tw/honor-roll/ . The awards were presented in 2020 SATU General Assembly on 2 November 2021. 

SATU Mobility Action for Regional Talent or SMART is a student mobility campaign introduced in 2016 in the SATU Presidents' Forum to promote cultural competence & cross-border cooperation" among students in our member universities. Co-organized by the SATU Presidents' Forum and the NCKU Innovation Headquarters, this year's SMART3.0 Online Pitch Competition was evolved from the preceding SMART2.0 programme. In addition to cross-cultural exposure, innovations and entrepreneurialism are also emphases of the event.


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Despite of the ongoing obstacle from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Competition was joined by 649 students from 38 member universities from 8 countries, a record-breaking increase since the programme launched in 2016. The participants from a wide range of disciplines were formed into teams of 3-5. To enrich them with entrepreneurial knowledge, self-paced'Entrepreneurship 101' accelerated workshops was arranged for the participants. 

The student teams were required to choose one of the topics (1) Exercise/Fitness Technology (2) Combating Misinformation Online (3) Environmental Sustainability to develop a business idea and illustrate it with a business plan, a pitch and a video. In order to encourage students' commitment and to reward their creativities, the total cash prize amount was increased to US$10,000.

The works were reviewed by a judge panel composed by professors and experts from SATU member universities and industry specialists based on the criteria of Development potential, Expected benefits, Plan completeness and Pitch execution. A total of 8 teams made it to the final round, and their award was announced in the SATU's General Assembly in 2 November 2021.



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