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Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) - International Virtual Courses (IVCs) 2021


Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia is organizing International Virtual Courses (IVCs) 2021 which are currently open for registration by both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Course details can be found in the following announcement.


Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) is organizing the International Virtual Courses (IVCs) 2021 and gladly welcoming the participation of your students (undergraduate / graduate students) - FREE OF CHARGE for studentsThis year, we have a great number of choices. The list of courses and the course descriptions can be found here. Dates vary between June - October, 2021. Registration is done using the following link.

IVCs per Faculty/School

Faculty of Art and Design

  • Exploring Hidden Gems in Indonesian Craft (Vol. 01: Cirebon, West Java), info
  • Reframing Movie Set: A Spatial Exploration, info
  • Innovation through Design Ethnography Studies, info

Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • High Speed Train Transport, info
  • Multidisciplinary Optimization and Machine Learning for Engineering Design Applications, info

Check the following link for more details.

School of Business and Management

  • Doing Business in Indonesia: Reshaping Strategy after Covid-19, infoposter
  • Improving Society's Economy Through Digital Innovation and Services Marketing, poster
  • Elaborating and Activating Nascent Entrepreneurs and Inclusive Community through Blended Values, poster
  • Business Trends in Emerging Market: Digging Up Research Opportunity, infoposter

Check the following link for more details.

Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology

  • Land Administration for Disaster-prone and Affected Areas, info
  • Comprehensive Perspective on Geological Hazard, info
  • Coast Hazard and Marine Environmental Degradation in Tropical Region, info

The poster can be found here.

School of Pharmacy

Check the following link for more details.

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Tropical Coastal Zone Development with ENHANCE (TROCOZ 2021), infoposter
  • Air Pollution Monitoring & Environmental Impact of Tropical Forest and Peatland Fire (APMEI 2021), info
  • Enabling Humanitarian Attributes for Nurturing Community-based Engineering (ENHANCE IVC 2021), infoposterweb

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

  • Econophysics and Big Data Analytics in Global Socio-Economic Complexity, info
  • Forensic Science, info
  • Future Mathematics and Its Application, info
  • Astrostatistics and Machine Learning, info
  • Islamic Financial Mathematics and Statistics Methods, info

School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

  • Renewable Energy in Power System: Design, Planning, and Impacts, info

Check the following link for more details.

School of Life Sciences and Technology

  • Tropical Biology Summer School Series: Insect Biology, Insect-borne Diseases and Their Impact on Human, info
  • Food Fermentation Technology: From History-cultural to Bioprocess- and Molecular-Engineering, info
  • Indonesia's Agriculture: Local Wisdom, Science, and Technology (more information can be found here)

School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development

  • SAPPD Summer Camp 2021: Planning and Designing Cities for All, info
  • Parametric Bamboo for Post Disaster Reconstruction, info

Faculty of Industrial Technology

  • Sensor Technology, info
  • Mechatronic and Robotics, info
  • Process Control
  • From Data to Agile Decision Making in Digital Era, info
  • Microbial Solid State Fermentation Technology for Supporting Circular Economy
  • Solid State Fermentation Technology for Supporting Circular Economy, info

Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering

  • Introduction of CCUS for Asia-Oceania Region, info
  • Introduction of Volcano Seismology using Recent Technology, info
  • Improved Oil Recovery, info
  • Introduction to Sustainable Metal Production / Sustainable Process Metallurgy, info

For questions, please contact the person in charge of each virtual course (which can be found in each program's information page).


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