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2022 JRS Webinar (5) | Low Temperature Fabrication Of Metal Chalcogenide Semiconductor Films For Solar Energy Conversion

JRS webinar 5

2022 JRS Sustainability Webinar Series (5)

Low Temperature Fabrication of Metal Chalcogenide Semiconductor Films for Solar Energy Conversion

Date:  29 July 2022 (Friday)
Time: 14:00 - 15:00 (GMT+8 Taiwan) 

Language: English

Way of Participation:  Cisco Webex Meetings

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u Speakers u

Dr. M. Dhanasekar 

Assistant Professor, SRM Institute of Science and Technology 

u Chair u
Dr. S. Venkataprasad Bhat
Associate Professor (Research), SRM Institute of Science and Technology


u About the Webinar u

Kesterites still hold the interest of thin film photovoltaics researchers as a sustainable alternative to the traditional absorbers. However, the fabrication of high quality CZTS film remains as a challenge and requires high vacuum conditions or high temperature annealing in sulfur/selenium atmosphere along with the use of toxic solvents in the case of established solution based approaches. In this project, we demonstrate that the device quality CZTS film can be made even with annealing at a very low temperature of only 100oC using a highly stable green molecular precursor solution via dip coating route. The structural, electronic and optical properties of low temperature processed CZTS thin film are verified. Further to exemplify its application, simple and efficient solar cells with CZTS-CdS heterojunction are made on both rigid glass/ITO and flexible PET/ITO substrates. The webinar will present the salient results of this project, elucidating how an environment friendly molecular precursor with exceptional shelf life has enabled the ultra-low temperature formation of device quality kesterite absorber layer.


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