2023 JRS Webinar (2) | Production of Biodiesel from Spent Bleaching Earth (SBE) Using SBE Supported Catalyst

2023 JRS Sustainability Webinar Series (2)

Production of Biodiesel from Spent Bleaching Earth (SBE) Using SBE Supported Catalyst

Date:  21 July 2023 (Friday)
Time: 14:00 - 15:00 (GMT+8 Taiwan) 

Language: English

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u Speakers u

Wan Nazwanie Wan Abdullah

School of Chemical Science, Universiti Sains Malaysia

u Chair u
Dr. G.Balaji
Mechanical Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology

u About the Webinar u

The growing demand for sustainable energy sources has led to increased interest in the production of biodiesel as an alternative to fossil fuels. Spent bleaching earth (SBE), a waste material generated from the vegetable oil refining process, poses an environmental challenge due to its high oil content and disposal issues. This study aims to explore the feasibility of utilizing SBE as a feedstock for biodiesel production and simultaneously addressing its disposal challenges by developing SBE-supported catalyst. To assess the catalyst's performance in biodiesel production, a transesterification reaction was conducted using SBE as the feedstock and methanol as the alcohol component. The effects of various reaction parameters, including catalyst loading, reaction temperature, and molar ratio of methanol to SBE, were investigated to optimize the biodiesel yield and quality. The maximum free fatty acid conversion of 80% was obtained at optimized reaction conditions: catalyst amount 2 w/w%, reaction time 2 h, reaction temperature 80°C and oil/methanol molar ratio 1:20. The catalyst was characterized via X-ray Fluorescence, Thermogravimetric Analysis, X-ray Diffraction, Nitrogen adsorption-desorption analysis, and Ammonia-temperature programmed desorption techniques. The utilization of SBE as a feedstock for biodiesel production not only offers a sustainable solution for waste management but also contributes to the production of a renewable energy source.

Keywords: Biodiesel, spent bleaching earth (SBE), catalyst, transesterification, waste

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