2016 SATU Joint Research Scheme hosted by NCKU – Call for Co-PIs

2016 SATU Joint Research Scheme
Hosted by National Cheng Kung University
Call for SATU Member Co-PIs
Application Deadline: Friday, May 27, 2016


In order to provide an interchange platform to integrate resources and facilitate mutual research cooperation among SATU member universities, SATU International Secretariat launches the SATU Joint Research Scheme.

The SATU Joint Research Scheme initiates the engagement and mutual cooperation of researchers within the SATU member universities through integration of academic resources and linkage of research interests among researchers of the region. The aim of the scheme is to increase the quality, quantity and profile of SATU research cooperation.

The SATU Joint Research Scheme serves as a platform to connect scholars who share similar research interests and integrate resources to support the academic research exchanges within SATU member universities.

Project Principal Investigators might be invited for a presentation about the Project in the 2016 SATU Presidents’ Forum to present the work of the joint research teams under the scheme, and to promote the awareness of and involvement in collaborative opportunities in the region.



Each project consists of a team of researchers while NCKU faculty acts as the Principal Investigator of the project, scholars of SATU member universities act as Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PIs). SATU International Secretariat will facilitate the application of Co-PIs and the NCKU hosts might (depending on the Co-PI application for the project and the budget) offer the travel support of Co-Principal Investigators whose institutions are outside of Taiwan a visit to National Cheng Kung University between July and September 2016 (including 2 nights’ Zenda suite accommodation and economy-class roundtrip airfare (max. 20,000 NTD, about 670 USD)). Maximum three Co-PIs (of different member universities) under each selected project will receive the awards in 2016.


Application Requirements

Applicants must be working at SATU member universities and have received the doctoral degree. To apply for project Co-PIs, please select one project and complete the application form (double click to open the file) or download from SATU website at http://conf.ncku.edu.tw/satu/. All applications must be recommended (a signature at the bottom of application form by the President or SATU representative would suffice) and submitted by SATU member universities to satu@email.ncku.edu.tw.


Application Results

Applications would be reviewed by individual project hosting unit at NCKU and selection decisions of Co-PIs would be made within three weeks of the application deadline.


NCKU Projects Call for SATU Member Co-PIs list

(Please click the PDF file named after the PI for detailed description)



Hosting Unit

Project Title

Program details


Department of Industrial and Information Management, College of Management, NCKU

Open Co-Creation Value for Online Services


Medical Device Innovation Center

Medical Device Development Trends in Southeast Asia


Center of Infectious Disease and Signaling Research/NCKU

Uncovering the dynamic mechanisms in pathogenesis of dengue virus infection


International Wave Dynamics Research Center / Tainan Hydraulics Laboratory

Combined wind, wave and current loadings on fixed and floating offshore wind turbines


Center for Quality & Innovation, NCKU

Establishment of a Diagnostic Decision Support in Genetic Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities (DD/ID) Diagnostics for Medical Institutions