Foreign Trade University summer program

Foreign Trade University, Vietnam, offers summer programs for international students every year. The programs have attracted a great number of students from worldwide. The purpose of the programs is to provide international students with knowledge about the economy of Vietnam, how to do business in Vietnam, and Vietnamese culture.

In the summer of 2014 about 30 students from United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Indonesia attended. The program is expected to happen from 16 August 2015 to 05 September 2015.

1. The tuition fees for the whole 3 week program is USD1,330/student from partner universities (who has partnership agreement with FTU) and USD1,430/student from non-partner universities.

2. Accommodation is included in the tuition fees. Students will be staying in a hotel in the center of the city (twin room. In case they want to stay in a single room, extra fee will be charged). The hotel will especially provide participants of this program free laundry service (up to 5 items per day per student). And everyday, there will a our bus coming to the hotel to pick them to the venue and drop them off at the end of the day's activities. The bus is also included.

3. Students don't have to pay anymore registration fee

4. FTU always try to welcome and host as many students as possible so there is no requirement on the number of students from 1 university (could be 1 or 10 or more)

5. Details are in the flyer. There are several steps and some documents that students have to submit but simple

6. FTU will provide official letter and more than that we apply for visa for students from Vietnam. All students need to do is to go to the Embassy/Consulate with their passport to have the visa affixed (the visa fee is, however, paid by the students' side)

7. There are many cultural activities that students will participate during our 3 weeks. In addition, there will also be lectures, tours, and field trips .You can find the detailed program in the file attached.

In addition, the program provide buddies for participants tp help them fully enjoy every moment of the program. FTU students with good command of English or/and participants' language will serve as bodies . They are young, dynamic and enthusiastic and will surely be helpful.


Last year, the summer program was reported on VTC10 (a popular TV channel in Vietnam focusing on foreign people) . It was broadcast and then post on Youtube. Please follow the link to have a look for the image of the program (unfortunately the program producer knew about the program too late so the clip does not provide the full information but somehow features some main point).