Announcement of 2015 NCKU–ICID Ph.D. Scholarship

Announcement of 2015 NCKU-ICID Ph.D. Scholarship for SATU Presidents’ Forum Members

Introduction of Scholarship
The NCKU-ICID Ph.D. Scholarship awards outstanding international students from SATU Presidents’ Forum member universities undertaking the doctoral studies in Institute of Creative Industry Design (ICID) at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) for Spring Semester 2015.

Scholarship Application Website:

Scholarship Application Deadline:  October 20th, 2014

ICID Program Groups:
ICID recruits students from multiple backgrounds and specializations of study. To meet with the students’ pursuits, there are three supervisor groups for potential students to select from: 

  • Group A-Brand & Marketing Planning
  • Group B -Media and Interaction Design
  • Group C -Industry and Service Innovation

Amount and Timeframe of Scholarship:

  1. The scholarship is awarded annually to one student in each supervisor group.
  2. The amount of the scholarships will vary, with the maximum monthly stipend of NTD$30, 000 (approximately US $1,000) lasting for one academic year with voluntary TA/AA/RA service supervised by ICID. Recipients are responsible for other expenses including the tuition and credits fees.
  3. Award periods begin annually on February 1st and continue until January 31st of the following year.
  4. The scholarship can be renewed annually for a maximum of four academic years with due evaluation by the NCKU committee.

Application Procedure:

  1. New students to NCKU-ICID:
  • Applicants should apply for NCKU-ICID admission as an international student. Applicants should complete the application process online at which ends up by October 20th, 2014 for Spring Semester 2015.
  • Applicants recommended by SATU Presidents' Forum member universities must submit the official letter from their university.
  • Applicants do not need to submit any additional application for this scholarship but should annotate “NCKU-ICID Ph.D. Scholarship for SATU Presidents' Forum Members” under the “Financial Support” section online. The award information will be mailed individually along with the admission letter from NCKU.
  1. Continuing Students in NCKU-ICID:
  • Continuing students must apply for the “NCKU Distinguished International Student Scholarship” in the coming academic year and follow all its requirements, deadlines and other regulations.

Mission of Scholarship Recipients:

Recipients of the scholarship are regarded as bridges with institutes of higher education in South and Southeast Asia. Recipients are expected to assist with the facilitation of SATU affairs on the research level.

Other Regulations and Important Notes:

  1. Regulations not specified in this announcement will conform to that of “NCKU Distinguished International Student Scholarship.”
  2. Recipients must arrive in Taiwan and complete the enrollment procedure at NCKU in due course unless delays have been approved by the relevant institutions. If recipients fail to arrive at NCKU for registration, their scholarships will be revoked with no deferrals.



  1. List of SATU Member Universities
  2. NCKU – Implementation Guidelines on Distinguished International Student Scholarship